SSD1306 OLED display driver  1.8.2
This library is developed to control SSD1306/SSD1331/SSD1351/IL9163/PCD8554 RGB i2c/spi LED displays
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AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP > Class Template Reference

#include <adafruit.h>

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AdafruitCanvasBase< BPP > AdafruitCanvasBase< 1 > AdafruitCanvasBase< 16 > AdafruitCanvasBase< 8 > AdafruitCanvas1 AdafruitCanvas16 AdafruitCanvas8

Public Member Functions

 AdafruitCanvasOps (lcduint_t w, lcduint_t h, uint8_t *buffer)
void drawPixel (int16_t x, int16_t y, uint16_t color) override
void setOffset (lcdint_t ox, lcdint_t oy)

Public Attributes

NanoPoint offset

Static Public Attributes

static const uint8_t BITS_PER_PIXEL = BPP

Protected Attributes

uint8_t * m_buffer

Detailed Description

template<uint8_t BPP>
class AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >

This is basic template class for all canvas classes, based on Adafruit_GFX. This base class provides functionality compatible with native NanoCanvas implementation of ssd1306 library

Definition at line 71 of file adafruit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdafruitCanvasOps()

template<uint8_t BPP>
AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::AdafruitCanvasOps ( lcduint_t  w,
lcduint_t  h,
uint8_t *  buffer 

Initializes canvas, based on Adafruit GFX.

wwidth of canvas
hheight of canvas area
bufferbuffer to use for pixels
the size of buffer must be enough to store (w*h*bpp/8) bytes.

Definition at line 88 of file adafruit.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ drawPixel()

template<uint8_t BPP>
void AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::drawPixel ( int16_t  x,
int16_t  y,
uint16_t  color 

draw single pixel in canvas area

xx position
yy position
colorcolor of pixel: for monochrome it can be 0 (black), 1 (white), 2 (invert)

◆ setOffset()

template<uint8_t BPP>
void AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::setOffset ( lcdint_t  ox,
lcdint_t  oy 

Sets offset

ox- X offset in pixels
oy- Y offset in pixels

Definition at line 110 of file adafruit.h.

Member Data Documentation


template<uint8_t BPP>
const uint8_t AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::BITS_PER_PIXEL = BPP

number of bits per single pixel in buffer

Definition at line 78 of file adafruit.h.

◆ m_buffer

template<uint8_t BPP>
uint8_t* AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::m_buffer

pixels buffer

Definition at line 110 of file adafruit.h.

◆ offset

template<uint8_t BPP>
NanoPoint AdafruitCanvasOps< BPP >::offset

Fixed offset for all operation of NanoCanvasOps in pixels.

Definition at line 75 of file adafruit.h.

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