SSD1306 OLED display driver  1.8.2
This library is developed to control SSD1306/SSD1331/SSD1351/IL9163/PCD8554 RGB i2c/spi LED displays
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NanoEngineCore Class Reference

#include <core.h>

Inheritance diagram for NanoEngineCore:
NanoEngineInputs NanoEngine< C, W, H, B > NanoEngine< TILE_8x8_MONO_8 > NanoEngine1_8

Static Public Member Functions

static void begin ()
static void setFrameRate (uint8_t fps)
static uint8_t getFrameRate ()
static uint8_t getCpuLoad ()
static bool nextFrame ()
static void loopCallback (TLoopCallback callback)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NanoEngineInputs
static bool pressed (uint8_t buttons)
 Returns true if button or specific combination of buttons is not pressed. Returns true if button or specific combination of buttons is pressed. More...
static bool notPressed (uint8_t buttons)
 Returns true if button or specific combination of buttons is not pressed. Returns true if button or specific combination of buttons is not pressed. More...
static uint8_t buttonsState ()
 Returns bits of all pressed buttons. More...
static void connectCustomKeys (TNanoEngineGetButtons handler)
static void connectZKeypad (uint8_t analogPin)
 Enables engine to use Z-Keypad. Enables engine to use Z-Keypad. Please refer to arkanoid example for schematics. More...
static void connectArduboyKeys ()
 Configures NanoEngine8 to use Arduboy keys layout. Configures NanoEngine8 to use Arduboy keys layout.
static void connectGpioKeypad (const uint8_t *gpioKeys)
 Enables engine to use GPIO keys. More...

Static Protected Attributes

static uint8_t m_frameDurationMs
static uint8_t m_fps
static uint8_t m_cpuLoad
static uint32_t m_lastFrameTs
static TLoopCallback m_loop
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from NanoEngineInputs
static TNanoEngineGetButtons m_onButtons

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from NanoEngineInputs
 NanoEngineInputs ()

Detailed Description

Nano Engine Core class, contains generic frame-rate control functions

Definition at line 171 of file core.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

static void NanoEngineCore::begin ( )

Initializes internal timestamps.

◆ getCpuLoad()

static uint8_t NanoEngineCore::getCpuLoad ( )

Returns cpu load in percents [0-255]. 100 means maximum normal CPU load. 0 means, CPU has nothing to do. >100 means that CPU is not enough to perform all operations

Definition at line 199 of file core.h.

◆ getFrameRate()

static uint8_t NanoEngineCore::getFrameRate ( )

Returns current frame rate

Definition at line 191 of file core.h.

◆ loopCallback()

static void NanoEngineCore::loopCallback ( TLoopCallback  callback)

Sets user-defined loop callback. This callback will be called once every time new frame needs to be refreshed on oled display.

Definition at line 210 of file core.h.

◆ nextFrame()

static bool NanoEngineCore::nextFrame ( )

Returns true if it is time to render next frame

◆ setFrameRate()

static void NanoEngineCore::setFrameRate ( uint8_t  fps)

Sets working frame-rate for the engine

fps- frame rate to set between [1-255]

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_cpuLoad

uint8_t NanoEngineCore::m_cpuLoad

Current cpu load in percents

Definition at line 219 of file core.h.

◆ m_fps

uint8_t NanoEngineCore::m_fps

Current fps

Definition at line 217 of file core.h.

◆ m_frameDurationMs

uint8_t NanoEngineCore::m_frameDurationMs

Duration between frames in milliseconds

Definition at line 210 of file core.h.

◆ m_lastFrameTs

uint32_t NanoEngineCore::m_lastFrameTs

Last timestamp in milliseconds the frame was updated on oled display

Definition at line 221 of file core.h.

◆ m_loop

TLoopCallback NanoEngineCore::m_loop

Callback to call before starting oled update

Definition at line 223 of file core.h.

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