SSD1306 OLED display driver  1.8.2
This library is developed to control SSD1306/SSD1331/SSD1351/IL9163/PCD8554 RGB i2c/spi LED displays
core.h File Reference
#include "tiler.h"
#include "canvas.h"

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class  NanoEngineInputs
class  NanoEngineCore
class  NanoEngine< C, W, H, B >
enum  {
  BUTTON_NONE = 0B00000000, BUTTON_DOWN = 0B00000001, BUTTON_LEFT = 0B00000010, BUTTON_RIGHT = 0B00000100,
  BUTTON_UP = 0B00001000, BUTTON_A = 0B00010000, BUTTON_B = 0B00100000
typedef uint8_t(* TNanoEngineGetButtons) (void)
typedef void(* TLoopCallback) (void)

Detailed Description

Small graphics engine, based on SSD1331 functions

Definition in file core.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TLoopCallback

typedef void(* TLoopCallback) (void)

Type of user-specified loop callback

Definition at line 44 of file core.h.